Murder at Hotel Alcazar–short story set in 1907 St. Augustine with a young Lydia.

In Pursuit of Dreams–short story set in the Keys with Lou and Susie  introducing Quatro, a racing greyhound.

Catch of the Day–short story set in the Lower Keys at the turn of the seventies featuring Lou and Susie.

THE KEY–historical mystery novel set in Oakwood, NJ, a town on the electrified railroad between Camden and Atlantic City, in 1919, with Lydia Maxwell.


  1. Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes series by Laurie R. King. Listening to them while I dig up smilax tubers. My two favorites are O JERUSALEM and JUSTICE HALL.
  2. MR. FLAGLER’S ST. AUGUSTINE by Graham, nonfiction. Detailed.
  3. THE HOUSE OF MIRTH by Edith Wharton, 1905.
  4. WORD BY WORD by Kory Stamper, nonfiction. Fascinating.

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