September, 2023: I’ve only written two short stories in the past two years. I don’t know why. I’ve certainly enjoyed reading a lot of them. Is it the dearth of interesting submission opportunities? Or am I too busy volunteering at school, cheering college sports teams, weeding my jungle, and caring for two big dogs to sit and type a sentence? Nope. There’s five right there. And one was quite long. Okay, I’m off…

Guest blog post on Kevin’s Corner

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Interviews with writers by Heather Weidner

“Moonset” — Moonlight & Misadventure, June, 2021. In 1921, Loretta travels to Atlantic City with her two children for a weekend convention at a Boardwalk hotel, but events take a turn for the worse soon after they arrive.  ebook and ppbk

Author Interview by Claire A. Murray

“Speak of the Devil” — Mystery Weekly Magazine, June, 2021. A visit to rural Florida turns deadly for a woman, her twin granddaughters, and their elderly neighbor.  ebook and ppbk


“Wooden Ships” — Peace, Love, and Crime: Crime Fiction Inspired by the Songs of the ’60s, November, 2020.  Clare bonds with her new step-granddaughter over a dangerous ordeal. ebook or ppbk


“Murder at the Alcazar” — Mysterical-EFall, 2020. In 1906 St. Augustine, a young girl discovers a dead body at the largest indoor swimming pool in the world.



“A Troubling of Goldfish” —  A Murder of Crows, October, 2019. Someone is salting Walter’s koi pond with invasive goldfish. He is not amused. ebook or ppbk



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