“Kiss Him Goodbye” —Died in Your ArmsJanuary, 2024. Trouble follows Tonya’s ex-husband, who’s spending his vacation at her house in Florida so he can see his kids. Twelve great stories inspired by one-hit wonders. Available in paperback and ebook: MistiMedia, Ingram (ppk)Amazon




“Moonset” — Moonlight & Misadventure, June, 2021. In 1921, Loretta travels to Atlantic City with her two children for a weekend convention at a Boardwalk hotel, but events take a turn for the worse soon after they arrive.  ebook and ppbk

Author Interview by Claire A. Murray,  Guest blog post on Kevin’s Corner,  Guest blog post on Mystery Fanfare,  Interviews with writers by Heather Weidner




“Speak of the Devil” — Mystery Weekly Magazine, June, 2021. A visit to rural Florida turns deadly for a woman, her twin granddaughters, and their elderly neighbor.  ebook and ppbk





“Wooden Ships” — Peace, Love, and Crime: Crime Fiction Inspired by the Songs of the ’60s, November, 2020.  Clare bonds with her new step-granddaughter over a dangerous ordeal. 





“Murder at the Alcazar” — Mysterical-EFall, 2020. In 1906 St. Augustine, a young girl discovers a dead body at the largest indoor swimming pool in the world.





“A Troubling of Goldfish” —  A Murder of Crows, October, 2019. Someone is salting Walter’s koi pond with invasive goldfish. He is not amused. ebook or ppbk