“A Troubling of Goldfish” — Goldfish keep appearing in Walter’s koi pond, aggravating him and upsetting his new Gin Rin Showa.

“Old Wounds” — Lillian Mancuso travels to Cambridge, MA, in response to a cryptic postcard from her twin sister.

“Better Dead than Red” — Investigator gets caught up in a string of suspicious deaths while looking for a missing person in 1953, Gainesville, Florida.

“Silver Linings” — A widow with two young children finds a dead man in her Atlantic City hotel room and loses her job as a result. 

“The Right Touch” — A retired history teacher believes she may have witnessed a murder in the past.

“Murder at the Alcazar” — Fourteen-year-old Lydia Parker discovers a murder at one of Henry Flagler’s St. Augustine hotels in 1907.


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