“Better Dead than Red” — Investigator gets caught up in a string of suspicious deaths while looking for a missing person in 1953, Gainesville, Florida.

“Silver Linings” — A widow with two young children finds a dead man in her Atlantic City hotel room and loses her job as a result. 

“The Right Touch” — A retired history teacher believes she may have witnessed a murder in the past.

“Murder at the Alcazar” — Fourteen-year-old Lydia Parker discovers a murder at one of Henry Flagler’s St. Augustine hotels in 1907.


Gainesville, FL, 1950s–“Better Dead…”

Haddon Hall, Atlantic City, 1920s–“Silver Linings”

Haddon Hall was one of two Quaker Hotels on North Carolina Ave. and the Boardwalk built soon after the Civil War. Both structures underwent extensive renovations over the years. Haddon Hall is currently Resorts Casino Hotel. The other, the Chalfonte, was demolished in 1980. More information here. Photos from Atlantic City Boardwalk on my Pinterest.

N.J. Electrified Railroad, 1906-1931

  • West Jersey and Seashore Railroad
  • 650 volt DC
  • Camden to Atlantic City via Newfield
  • See SJRAIL.com for more information.

Railroad Suburbs–“The Right Touch”

St. Augustine, early 1900s–“Murder at the Alcazar”

Henry Flagler built two grand hotels in the late 1880s. Both are still in use. The Ponce de Leon Hotel is home to Flagler College; the Alcazar Hotel is now the Lightner Museum.

The former Casino Pool, the largest indoor pool in the world at the time, is now the site of the Alcazar Cafe.

Sign at the Lightner Museum.

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